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Oracle - The number one Database Management System. Hope this Blog will teach a lot about oracle.

Sun Oracle Database Machine: The First OLTP Database Machine

Introducing version 2 of the world's fastest database machine: The Sun Oracle Database Machine. The new database machine goes beyond data warehousing to also deliver extreme performance and scalability for online transaction processing applications (OLTP).

Extreme Performance

The Sun Oracle Database Machine combines industry-standard hardware components and FlashFire technology from Sun, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, and Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software to create a faster, more versatile database machine. "Exadata V2 is twice as fast as Exadata V1 for data warehousing, and it's the only database machine that runs OLTP applications," says Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "Oracle Exadata V2 runs virtually all database applications much faster and less expensively than any other computer in the world."

The Sun Oracle Database Machine is the world's fastest for any type of database workload, and the only database machine that runs transaction processing applications. It is a complete package of software, servers, storage and networking for all data management, including data warehousing, transaction processing and consolidated mixed application workloads. The Sun Oracle Database Machine includes Sun's new FlashFire technology to cache 'hot' data for dramatically improved transaction response times and throughput. With the Sun Oracle Database Machine, customers can consolidate all their database applications, store up to ten times more data, search data up to ten times faster, and make faster business decisions in real time without making changes to applications.


  • Extreme Performance for Data Warehouses—Improves both query performance and concurrency by offloading intensive query processing and data mining scoring from database servers and bringing it closer to the data.
  • Extreme Performance for OLTP Applications—Addresses the disk random I/O bottleneck problem by transparently moving hot data to Sun FlashFire. You get ten times faster I/O response time and use ten times fewer disks for business applications from Oracle as well as third-party providers.
  • Extreme Performance for Mixed Workloads—Allows you to consolidate data warehousing, transaction processing, and mixed workloads on a massively parallel server grid and eliminate the cost of third-party specialty hardware, security, and management solutions.


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