It's All About ORACLE

Oracle - The number one Database Management System. Hope this Blog will teach a lot about oracle.

Little known facts about Oracle

  • Oracle is ranked among the 10 best companies for a six-month return on equity.
  • Oracle's relational database was the world's first to support the Structured Query Language, now an industry standard.
  • Today, the Oracle DBMS is supported on over 80 different operating environments, ranging from IBM mainframes and DEC VAX minicomputers, to UNIX-based minicomputers and Windows NT platforms.
  • Oracle spends nearly 13% of their revenues for research and development.
  • Oracle V1 ran on PDP-11 under RSX, 128 KB max memory and was written in assembly language.
  • Oracle created the first database to run on a massively parallel computer.
  • All 10 of the world's largest Web sites- from to Yahoo! - use Oracle. 65% of the Fortune 100 use Oracle for e-business.


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