It's All About ORACLE

Oracle - The number one Database Management System. Hope this Blog will teach a lot about oracle.

What is Oracle's history?

1977 Relational Software Inc. (RSI - currently Oracle Corporation) established

1978 Oracle V1 ran on PDP-11 under RSX, 128 KB max memory. Written in assembly language. Implementation separated Oracle code and user code. Oracle V1 was never officially released.

1980 Oracle V2 released - the first commercially available relational database to use SQL. Oracle runs on on DEC PDP-11 machines. Coide is still written in PDP-11 assembly language, but now ran under Vax/VMS.

1982 Oracle V3 released, Oracle became the first DBMS to run on mainframes, minicomputers, and PC's (portable codebase). First release to employ transactional processing. Oracle V3's server code was written in C.

1983 Relational Software Inc. changed its name to Oracle Corporation.

1984 Oracle V4 released, introduced read consistency, was ported to multiple platforms, first interoperability between PC and server.

1986 Oracle V5 released. Featured true client/server, VAX-cluster support, and distributed queries. (first DBMS with distributed capabilities).

1987 CASE and 4GL toolset

1988 Oracle V6 released - PL/SQL introduced. Oracle Financial Applications built on relational database.

1989 Released Oracle 6.2 with Symmetric cluster access using the Oracle Parallel Server

1991 Reached power of 1,000 TPS on a parallel computing machine. First database to run on a massively parallel computer (Oracle Parallel Server).

1992 Released Oracle7 for Unix

1993 Rollout of Oracle's Cooperative Development Environment (CDE). Introduction of Oracle Industries and the Oracle Media Server.

1994 Oracle's headquarters moved to present location. Released Oracle 7.1 and Oracle7 for the PC.

1995 Reported gross revenues of almost $3 billion.

1995 website launched.

1997 Oracle8 released (supports more users, more data, higher availability, and object-relational features)

1998 Oracle announces support for the Intel Linux operating system

1999 Oracle8i (the "i" is for internet) or Oracle 8.1.5 with Java integration (JVM in the database)

2000 Oracle8i Release 2 released Oracle now not only the number one in Databases but also in ERP Applications Oracle9i Application Server generally available: Oracle tools integrated in middle tier

2001 Oracle9i Release 1 (with RAC and Advanced Analytic Service)

2002 Oracle9i Release 2

2004 Oracle10g Release 1 (10.1.0) available ("g" is for grid, the latest buzzword)

2005 The Oracle FAQ (this site) is 10 years old! Oracle10g Release 2 (10.2.0) available
Oracle release a free version of their database, Oracle XE (Express Edition)
In 2007, Oracle version 11g was released for the Linux operating system.


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